STRATEGIC OUTSOURCING - Wealth Analysis, Consolidation and Reporting


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Our Swiss-based Strategic Outsourcing services take over your wealth consolidation and reporting needs through the use of our proprietary Atrium Solution. We are an independent outsourcing firm with more than 15 years experience in this field. Our dedicated and expert Strategic Outsourcing services provide you with a significant strategic advantage.

Our origin in the Family Office industry forms the basis of our unique approach and brings extensive operational know-how that allows us to assist in streamlining your processes. This reduces Back and Middle Office risk and minimises compliance requirements.

Among the many benefits, the Strategic Outsourcing service provides:

  • Increases in accuracy
  • Improved risk management
  • Reducing the need to invest in a costly in-house operations department
  • Multi-custodian services
  • Aggregation of bankable and non-bankable assets
  • Middle Office Process Controlling

This allows wealth advisors to focus on their core business while our team addresses your outsourcing requirements.

By delegating issues such as comprehensive patrimonial wealth consolidation and reporting, this system guarantees the delivery of comprehensive global analysis, views of wealth, performances and risks and other customised reports to the end client.

Our Strategic Outsourcing tools allow regular monitoring and controlling of the beneficiary’s wealth structure and provide the proper intelligence ensuring that the financial advisor can make appropriate investment decisions.

Direct web access allows financial advisors and their clients to visualise each portfolio or set of portfolios and their dedicated segmentations, allowing the end client to perform drill down analysis and instantly generate tailor made reports.

Strategic Outsourcing ’s true value is not just the software, but also the specialists who manage the data emanating from more than 140 custodian banks on a daily basis. This human know-how allows the delivery of broad knowledge on all financial vehicles, bankable or not, and enables you to provide your end clients with reliable and trustworthy financial intelligence.

Our experienced team fully understands how each custodian bank processes, represents and handles all the various financial instruments, including:

  • Understanding processes and documentation
  • Adaptability capabilities for all types of assets
  • Multilingual understanding
  • Capacity to work within and troubleshoot in any custodian environment

Our unique offering allows you to initially outsource your needs without any IT implementation and/or migration, and based on your business requirements, at a later stage, it is possible to insource the complete functionality through the purchase of our Atrium Suite.

Our Strategic Outsourcing service, enhanced by the powerful tool, Atrium Suite, allows the asset manager to obtain, analyse and provide:

  • Wealth segmentation analysis
  • Comprehensive risk analysis
  • Portfolio performance
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Costs and fees analysis
  • Tailor made reports (with web access to the reports)

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