With its knowledge and experience of resolving “business pains” in its fields of expertise, ANSWER is able to provide effective business solutions. To do this it brings to client projects a balanced team with all the necessary and appropriate business and technical skills.

The ANSWER team of consultants is considered to be forward thinking and creative, trustworthy advisors for a wide range of issues. It is acknowledged for its focus on execution, with the ability to keep commitments, deliver on-time, on-cost, and high quality solutions.

If our experts are well aware of the added value of the innovative solutions offered by ANSWER IT Security Division, they wanted to continue their efforts to be able to offer superior value to their customers.

From this comes the decision to focus our approach on developing better interactions between the different products we offer.

For example, the ability to detect a compromise originating from an advanced threat (thus having foiled traditional detection mechanisms) with FireEye is an immediate increase in the level of security associated with the sole use of this solution.

Next, the action to be taken is to remedy this situation by making an assessment of the computer health. To automatically quarantine the potentially compromised endpoint in a separate VLAN ensures the non-propagation of a threat in the internal network, and is the result of a real-time interaction between FireEye and ForeScout solutions.

The increase in your protection level is the consequence of the introduction of a reactive and dynamic architecture to face attacks.

Using the same example, it could be possible to go further by using the behavioral detection engine in FireEye to establish a pattern characterizing the threat and, after having quarantined the computer,you can confirm that all other endpoints in your network are not already compromised.

The confirmation of this compromise is made by checking the absence or presence of the newly created pattern on all your endpoints.

The integration reflexion between our products has been carried out on the three issues being addressed by ANSWER IT Security, which are:

  • Endpoint Security.

  • Data Protection.

  • Cybersecurity.